Cold pressed sunflower oil 

Elevate your meals and promote a healthier lifestyle with our exquisite cold-pressed sunflower oil
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We are a premium cold-pressed sunflower oil supplier. 


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100% pure sunflower oil supplier

100% pure sunflower oil supplier, reflects the people we serve. We are diverse, yet the same.

Sunflower oil, palm kernel oil and Soybean Oil are all forms of vegetable oils that are produced by crushing the fruit of the Oil Seeds, Palms, as well as, exacting Cold Pressed extraction on Round Burg + Red Burg Edible Oils for Refined Products

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We are a 100% pure sunflower oil supplier. Sunflower oil, also known as Helianthus annuus, is extracted from the seeds of sunflowers. The oil has uses in cooking and cosmetic applications, as well as industrial uses. It is notable for its resistance to rancidification and unpleasant sensory properties when impure or stale. Sunflower seed oil is often used in baby products like soaps or shampoos because of the mildness of its flavor.

Sunflower oil provides a complementing flavor that can’t be matched by any other cooking oil. 100% pure sunflower oil is heart-healthy, versatile, and best of all tasty!

This pure vegetable oil(patanjali sunflower oil) acts as a preservative for food. it is of fine quality—-maintains the taste, nutrition, and aroma of the food (especially pickles and milk products), thus acting as a digestive and stimulant. use after increasing digestion, with milk in case of constipation, rheumatism cardio-vascular ailments, etc. in surgery for rubbing application.

Rapeseed Oil

We are Crude Rapeseed Oil wholesalers uae that  is pressed from the seeds of red and brown rock-oil
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Palm Oil

we offer primarily refined & bleached shellers (REBS), bleached only shellers(BOSS)
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Vegetable Oil

The purity of the oil is preserved with fractionation which removes about 278 degrees Fahrenheit degrees
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premium cold-pressed sunflower oil

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